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Caregiver Series- Sample pack (P18)

This is a free sample pack containing 1 each of our Caregiver Guides. Flat rate shipping charges of $10 and taxes apply. LIMIT ONE PER ORDER

Price: $0.00

Co-Parenting Together - 50 Pack (P13)

Divorce is a stressful event for children as well as parents. This 8-page booklet helps parents navigate the transition of separation, focusing on tips for cooperation and best practices for successful co-parenting.

Price: $20.00

Creating a Family Social Media Policy- 50 Pack (P24)

We live in a quickly advancing digital age. Creating a social media policy or agreement for your family sets expectations for online behavior and encourages children to make safer, appropriate choices when they are connected. This 12-page booklet provides caregivers with tools and tips to keep kids safe online. Discussions include common dilemmas and concerns, as well as additional resources for online safety.

Price: $20.00

Cyber & School-Based Bullying- 50 Pack (P19)

This 12-page booklet offers tips and support for children who are bullied and children who bully. It helps identify bullying and includes resources for parents and educators.

Price: $20.00

Difficult Conversations with Teens- 50 pack (P21)

In this guide, we provide suggestions and starting points for approaching the subject of sexting with teens in a way that promotes support and communication while reducing shame and fear for all involved. It helps readers understand the risks and appropriate responses to children actively sexting. It includes tools and resources for prevention.

Price: $20.00

Let's Talk about ProNouns- COMBO PACK (P27)

This is a combo pack containing ONE poster and TEN booklets of the Let's Talk about ProNouns series

Price: $15.00

Let's Talk About ProNouns- Laminated Poster (P26)

An 11 x 18" laminated poster guide for providers, educators, caregivers, and communities on use of gender pronouns

Price: $10.00

Let's Talk About ProNouns- 50 pack (P25)

This 8-page booklet provides an overview of the importance of using preferred pronouns for individuals. Includes an introduction to gender-specific, gender-neutral, and first-name basis language.

Price: $20.00

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