PFSA believes that every citizen in Pennsylvania has a vital role to play in protecting our children. This center is designed to help you do just that! We’ve placed lots of resources here to help you become familiar with child welfare issues in our state. It’s a complex problem and the child welfare system is also complicated. We want to help you understand the issues, communicate with key legislative leaders and use your voice to ensure the safety of our most precious state resource – our children.

PFSA has been honored to work with members of the Task Force on Child Protection, the House Children and Youth Committee, the Senate Aging and Youth Committee and members of PA’s General Assembly to strengthen our Child Protective Services Law and advance efforts to keep PA’s children safe from child abuse. It has been an extraordinary time and the changes made will spare countless children from immeasurable harm. It has been a time of walking the talk and putting the safety of children above the convenience of individuals, institutions and organizations. We applaud the efforts of everyone who played a role in these changes; changes that collectively are steps toward changing our state’s culture toward how children are valued.

On average, more than 30 children die in Pennsylvania each year as a result of child abuse, most at the hands of a parent who gave them life. We need your help to turn this around; we simply can’t sit by when the equivalent of one elementary school classroom of children are killed annually. Join us in the fight to protect PA’s kids – they need you and so do we!

We also work with legislators to bring our prevention message to citizens in their legislative districts. We recently met with constituents of State Rep. Kathy Watson in her Bucks County district to discuss changes to the CPSL, background checks and clearances and our community-based prevention program, the Front Porch Project. 

Advocacy and Legislative Center

We help shape, move and improve public policies to protect our kids. We’re a visible presence on Capitol Hill, leading the charge on laws requiring mandated reporter training and comprehensive background checks for educators, and championing PA’s long-needed package of bills revamping our state’s child protection laws. Learn about our history of championing improved protection for children, current policy debates and legislative initiatives.


PFSA’s Testimony to Task Force on Child Protection

Then-Governor Tom Corbett, Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati, and House Speaker Sam Smith named members of the Task Force on Child Protection, a panel created by the General Assembly to thoroughly review state laws and procedures governing child protection and the reporting of child abuse.

As called for under House Resolution 522 and Senate Resolution 250, the 11 member task force was charged with these responsibilities:

  • Examine and analyze the practices, processes and procedures relating to the response to child abuse.
  • Review and analyze law, procedures, practices and rules relating to the reporting of child abuse.
  • Hold public hearings, accept and review written comments from individuals and organizations.
  • Submit reports which will include recommendations to improve the reporting of child abuse; implement any necessary changes in state laws and practices, policies and procedures relating to child abuse; and train appropriate individuals in the reporting of child abuse.

In May 2012, PFSA President and CEO Angela Liddle provided testimony to the Task Force, focusing on our work in training mandated reporters. Read her testimony

Read highlights of the task force's final recommendations

Many of the recommendations of the Task Force were signed into law in 2013. Read about the changes to the Child Protective Services Law.

Position Statements

As you can see from the testimony we have posted below, many of the recommendations provided to the legislature by PFSA have been enacted into our newly amended Child Protective Services Law. PFSA will continue to be a leader in promoting public policy that provides the greatest protections to our most vulnerable citizens and we welcome your support and assistance. We encourage you to learn more about recent changes to the Child Protective Services Law.

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